E13: Border’s Top Teams


Poor Osamu.  Chika’s got a ridiculous amount of Trion, and Yuma’s got battle experience so it’s easy for him to feel left behind.  But I think what’s special about him is that he really does want to protect people, and he seems like a hard worker.  I’m sure there’s something that only Osamu can do that will help him get up to A-rank.  I’m literally just waiting for the day that he becomes super badass out of nowhere.  I haven’t read the manga, but i just have a feeling.


The top ranking agents decide to go after Yuma asap, but of course Jin wasn’t just gonna sit by and let them have their way.  It’s nice to see the Arashiyama team again, but their opponents don’t look like pushovers.  But as always, the episode ends just when things are getting good!!!!

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