E2: Neighbor and Trion Soldier


A Border Squad arrives at the scene where Kuga took down the Trion Soldier, and strangely, they didn’t pick up any squad activity.  I had a suspicion before, since Mikumo seems to refer to Border separately from himself, but I’m guessing he is either no longer officially with Border or never even made it to begin with because his combat skills suck.  That’s why he was nervous about a Border Agent possibly coming to his school, and why he’s asking Kuga to keep it a secret.


Another thing I noticed about Mikumo is that he has this very strong sense of right and wrong.  I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the Border agent that saved him in the beginning of the first episode.  We’ll have to see about that, but at least we have a few ideas about why Kuga’s reasoning is the way it is:


Since he and his father were probably constantly caught in the middle of battle, it makes sense that he’d turn to violence as his answer for so many problems.  Although Mikumo called it childish, I think Kuga’s perspective is actually better in some ways compared to Mikumo’s line of thinking.  As he said, rules only work when people follow them, but as we’ve seen in this episode and the last, there are plenty of rule breakers and in that case, you need to stand up for yourself and fight (or run).

Kuga also mentions that there are different types of Neighbors, just like there are different types of people, so it makes sense that not all of them are bad.  The fact that Mikumo heard differently makes me wonder what his source of information is.  If he got his information from Border, then I can understand if they antagonized the Neighbors to serve their own purposes.  I mean, after all, the way they showed up was pretty weird.  If you look back on episode 1:


Wtf does that mean?  Did they anticipate the Gate opening?  Does that mean they know what Neighbors truly are, and about the wars going on on the other side of the Gate?  And the fact that they set up a base so quickly, and “figured out” Triggers – the Neighbors’ technology- isn’t it a little too convenient?

Speaking of which, the Guidance Beacon in Border’s base is supposed to keep the Gate from opening too far from it, but then it opens up right near the school, far from Border’s base:


Is it because Kuga is there?  Guess we’ll find out eventually.

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