E3: Osamu Mikumo’s Ability


Even after Kuga warns him that Marmods are built for combat (unlike the Bamster they defeated before which was meant for catching), and that he basically only has a 10% chance of surviving, Osamu heads off to battle.  


He does manage to protect a few of his classmates, but…


As the battle drags on, he loses more of his Trion, and his Trion body takes so much damage that he returns to his normal form. 


Apparently, the Trigger swaps out his body for a body made of Trion, which enhances his strength and ability.  Without his Trion body, he’s just as defenseless as the students he protected earlier. 


Luckily, Kuga shows up.  But since he’d get found out if he used his own Trigger, he decides to use Osamu’s.  Unfortunately, Osamu’s Trigger is a training Trigger which is not suited for use in actual combat. 


Not that it matters, since Kuga ends up defeating both Marmods anyway.


Replica explains that Trion is a form of biological energy used to fuel Triggers and it comes from the invisible Trion gland which is located right near the heart.  Each person has differences in Trion gland functions, and those functions determine the strength of the Trigger.  In other words, because Kuga  and Osamu have different Trion values, the outcome when using the same Trigger was different. 


When the A-rank Arashiyama Squad shows up, they’re curious as to who defeated the Marmods.  Of course, Kuga has given all the credit to Osamu, in order to avoid being found out.  Jun-Jun is grateful to Osamu, because his younger siblings attend the school.  However, Kitora doesn’t want to let the fact that Osamu went against the rules slide, and she believes he should be punished.


I’m wondering what kind of punishment this will be.  Also, they’ll probably be suspicious once they find out that Osamu’s abilities don’t match up to the damage done to those Marmods.  I’m definitely interested now, so I think I’ll go ahead and add this to my queue.   

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