E4: Ai Kitora, A Rank No. 5 Agent


This is the beginning of a beautiful bromance.

I really liked Kuga this episode.  Not only did he verbally whip Kitora several times but he also helped Osamu realize that he really was the one who saved his classmates, and that Kuga just helped him.


Kitora on the other hand definitely failed to impress me.  As Kuga pointed out, she’s just jealous that a C-rank got praised while an A-rank like herself went unnoticed.  She really needs to learn from the rest of her squad, and leave Osamu alone. She’s working my last nerves even worse than Shimotsuki from Psycho Pass 2….


An Ilgar shows up and starts attacking.  Since Kitora and Osamu are nearby, Kitora decides to go stop it.  Osamu doesn’t have enough trion to use his weapon, so instead he asks Kuga to secretly help Kitora if she gets into trouble.  Meanwhile, he goes into the city to help people get to safety.  But according to Kuga, an Ilgar is pretty rare.  Also, this is another gate that’s opened up outside of the forbidden zone.  What’s going on here?

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