E5: Power Elite, Yuichi Jin


I liked Kitora better this episode.  She admitted that she didn’t take down the Ilgar herself, and she gave credit to Osamu in her report.  Someone mentioned her being a possible love interest for Osamu….we’ll see….


Jin seems like an interesting character. He’s nice and he’s got quite a fanbase but he’s also incredibly strong.  He also seems to remember saving Osamu.  But if he really beat 12 trion soldiers on his own, it makes me wonder just how dangerous he is…


Everyone seemed to have mixed feelings on what to do about Osamu.  He saved a lot of people, but he broke the rules.  I understand both sides of the story, and I can’t blame Kido for not wanting to keep Osamu.  That being said, it’s because he broke the rules to save people that others see great potential in him.  Also, for some reason Kido slightly reminds me of Sakyo from Yu Yu Hakusho:


Probably the scar.


Luckily Jin offers to take care of Osamu.  He says his Side Effect tells him that Osamu is somehow involved in the mess at hand.  What is this Side Effect I wonder…


Miwa already suspects that Osamu is working with a Neighbor.  Kido says that if that’s the case, Miwa should kill the Neighbor.  I’m worried for Kuga…

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