E6: Chika Amatori’s Side Effect


Was so confused when the opening came on in the middle.  I was like “YOU CAN’T END HERE!” because it took me a second to realize it was the opening.  I was so happy when I escaped full screen and saw that it was only halfway through…


Jin’s Side Effect allows him to see the near future of those around him.  He knew that he and Osamu would meet someone who would have the answers they were looking for, and that someone was Kuga.  He knows that Kuga is a neighbor, but luckily he doesn’t plan to arrest him.  He mentions having been in the other world…and he says “Yuma” as if he recognizes the name. Hmm…


These trion soldiers, Rads, are hiding all over the city, collecting Trion and using it to open random Gates, according to Replica.  Since there are so many, it would normally take a long time to remove them all, but since Jin pretty much controls Border, they get em all up in no time.  But that leaves the question, who equipped the Rads with the devices to generate gates and hid them inside of the Bamster?  Whoever has been sending these soldiers has not been pulling punches. 


Osamu looks awesome in his new B-Rank uniform, and with a little help from Replica he manages to defeat the Bander on his own.  He then reveals to Kuga that Chika can attract neighbors.  It makes me wonder how he met Chika.  

Also, am I the only one who almost wants to read it as “Chaika” instead of “Chika”?  

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