E16: The Future Moves Forward


It’s pretty mature of Jin to recognize that not all Neighbors are like the one who killed his mother.  I hope Miwa and the others are eventually able to take a page out of his book, but I know it’s probably not the easiest thing to do.


Shinoda’s not playing games, but it doesn’t seem like Kido intends to back down either:


This Amo kid seems pretty dangerous and the flames behind him and the mention of “behavioral problems” makes me a bit uneasy.  Kido must really want the Black Trigger if he plans to send out a guy like this.


Luckily, Jin steps in and offers up his Black Trigger, Fujin.  At first I thought it was a pretty huge sacrifice, but then I thought about it.  Jin is incredible even without Fujin, and if this is what it takes to not only protect Kuga but prevent further internal conflict within Border, I think it’s a smart move.


What is Kido’s true goal, I wonder?  It must be big if he agreed to let Kuga enlist in Border right after Jin said his Side Effect told him so.  It’d be hilarious if he was just bluffing when he said that, but I have a feeling he meant it.  


And now that Jin’s no longer a Black Trigger holder, he can enter the ranking tournament and fight against Tachikawa, who seems excited to be able to face him.


Even though Jin made the right choice, I still feel bad.  You can tell he really respected his Master.  It makes me even more curious about him.  

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