E17: Border Official Enlistment


Kuga and Chika are really tearing it up!  If they keep it up like this, hopefully it won’t be long before they get up to B-rank.


The cool thing about Osamu is that he’s going into this and taking it as a learning experience.  Most of the time, we see “Oh, he’s one of the top guys, I’m gonna whoop him” or “Oh crap, he just challenged me and I can’t back down or else I’ll be humiliated.”  But no, Osamu was given the option to decline (I was a bit disappointed that they all expected him to…but I’m not gonna lie, I did too a little), and he’s not trying to prove anything to anyone other than himself.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was waiting to see Osamu turn into a real badass, and I think next week we might get to see a little of that.  Who knows, he may turn out to be more fearsome than the Villain in Glasses…   

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