E19: Rank War, Shun Midorikawa’s Plot


Tokieda gives Kuga a heads up that he can earn points faster through C-Rank Wars.  That was great news, because 133 days of training is just too long.  Also, you just have to love Replica:


He’s so considerate, just like “Now now Yuma, don’t kick their asses too hard.”  But who doesn’t like to see Kuga blasting idiots into space?  I mean tell me this isn’t hilarious:




These guys anticipate another Neighbor invasion, much worse than the last.  They’re not sure what to expect, but Jin thinks that Kuga may be able to get some information about which Neighbors they should be on the lookout for.


He certainly doesn’t seem to have any qualms about using his connections to help a guy who tried to kill him, so he probably wouldn’t be opposed to gathering information on the upcoming invasion.  Still, he’s definitely straight to the point about things…


I wasn’t too fond of this Midorikawa stalker kid from the start.  Turns out he’s an A-rank, and he’s not afraid to show it by wiping the floor with poor Osamu.  Since Osamu never got to properly explain to people that he tied with Kazama after multiple losses, I thought maybe Midorikawa’s aim was to show that Osamu’s not as strong as people thought.  But it seemed a bit more personal than that…either way, I don’t like the way he went about it, and I’m not the only one:


I’m so used to Kuga’s weird childish expressions, that this caught me off guard.  I mean, he actually looks really mature right here…which makes me think he’s legitimately pissed.  As much I want to see Kuga teach this guy a lesson, defeating an A-Rank is not the same as picking off C-Ranks…I’m actually a little worried about this.  Still, I’m psyched for next week!

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