E21: The Neighbors’ World


The difference is so huge.  Border’s lack of knowledge about the Neighbors’ world is scary.  They’re lucky Kuga and Replica agreed to give them information.  Extremely lucky.


I’m getting a bit nervous about Jin’s Side Effect.  I think he’s mentioned something before about it not being completely certain or something, and earlier he did remind us of its limitations.  And the fact that he even has to have this conversation with Shuji doesn’t sit well with me, unless he thought Shuji needed more of a push in case he was hesitant to save Osamu.  I don’t want to be sitting in front of my computer however many episodes from now thinking “Osamu’s in trouble, but it’s okay because Shuji is going to save him” and then being disappointed if Shuji doesn’t come.


I’m so busy focusing on how awesome Kuga is, I keep forgetting that he’s actually dying slowly…


Okay, one minute they’re on the roof having lunch and then suddenly the Neighbors invade?!  And of course the episode ends there.  But Jin finally put on his glasses, so you know shit just got real.

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