E35: The End of the Battle


Nice thinking Osamu! 



And he worked the hardest to protect Osamu!  It’s so unfair!  I’m hoping this turns out to be one of those things where he’s not really dead, and he shows up and gives Border a crapton of info on the enemy….I guess we’ll see.


Jin’s side effect had a powerful influence on the outcome of this battle.  Hyrein should think twice before going after them again.


I can understand killing Enedora, but leaving Hyuse alive…they must really think he’s not a threat.  If he does as Jin says, Hyrein and the others will probably regret this move down the line.    


Osamu’s in pretty bad shape, but at least he’s still alive and he saved Chika.  Even if it was only the second or third best future, I’d call this a win, at least for Osamu’s team.  I feel bad for the people they weren’t able to save though…

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