E37: A Hero and a Partner


I thought his mother would be furious, but I’m glad that she’s just checking on him and that she’s acknowledged his growth.


I’m glad to hear he’s alive, but if they don’t make it to A-rank soon, the enemy could find him and kill him or force him over to their side.  I don’t want either of those obviously, I’m just saying that it’s possible.  At the same time, I still think it would be awesome if he somehow managed to get back on his own, with just half his body.


If I just woke up after being in recovery for over a week only to discover the organization I dedicated myself to was throwing me under the bus with my mother, possible future girlfriend, and best bro present, and that I was about to become hated by the same people I sustained severe injuries to save, my crutch would’ve already been so far up somebody’s unsuspecting ass….but I’m eager to see Osamu’s reaction.   

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