E38: B-Rank Wars Begin


If Shiroe is the Villain in Glasses, then Osamu is the Hero in Glasses.  And oh is he infuriated, as he should be.  Two week wait and I was not disappointed in this episode at all.  From beginning to end, Osamu and his team – but most importantly Osamu-  stepped up their game.  They basically grabbed the microphone and were like: “Hello?  Is this thing on?  Can you hear us?  Okay.  We have gathered you all here today to announce that WE ARE NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH!  That is all.” *mic drop*


The interesting thing about Osamu’s mom is that her emotions lie in her words and not her face.  I wish I could do that.  She’s definitely not like the typical anime parent who is dead/evil/okay with letting her kid do whatever.  Her concern for Osamu is real, but she knows when to take a step back.  And she did offer to support him if he ever changed his mind.


Even though he approved of the decision to throw Osamu under the bus, I don’t think Commander Kido is that bad of a guy.  I mean, he’s the one who initiated the conversation about the press conference, he was willing to hear Osamu out, and he even let him know that Mustang and Hughes Shinoda and Rindo had nothing to do with it.  He also seems serious about going to save all the captured agents.


And of course these two are tearing through their competition without breaking a sweat.  I truly enjoyed this episode.  Let’s do this again next week.

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