E1: The Attack

First of all, can we talk about the fact that the OP theme is done by Tomorrow x Together?!?! A kpop group?!!?! I haven’t listened to a lot of their stuff, but I know they’re popular. I might start. Just think of the doors this could open! If we got an anime op/ed by Twice or Blackpink?!?! What would I do??!!?

I am loving Katori squad’s uniforms. But if they’re Tamakoma’s next opponents, they might be a handful. Especially if they were good enough to be entrusted with a task like this right before Rank Wars.

I rewatched season 1 before coming back here, and Jin is under so much pressure. I hope he keeps with the other agents said in mind, which is that anything that happens is not his fault. It’s true that his advice was crucial to their survival in the last invasion. But at the same time, people can’t be controlled. Jin can see all he wants, and say all he wants, but whether people listen is up to them. Plus, there are so many unforeseen variables, and the scope of his ability is limited. He really got down on himself for what happened to Osamu and the others, but the fact is that everyone makes their own choices. To take all that responsibility on his own shoulders is unreasonable. So I hope he keeps that in the back of his head this time.

I’m particularly fond of the way Nasu Squad fights (and again, their uniforms), so I hope we get a good look at this battle.

Poor Hyuse. I hope he stays out this, for his own sake.

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