Heads Up! Sailor Moon Kaleido Scope Proplica is up for Pre-order on TOM

Hey Moonies! As you probably already know, the first Sailor Moon Eternal movie has been released in Japan. So the Kaleido Scope has been put up for pre-order in multiple places so far. I personally get my Sailor Moon props from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I’m not saying it’s the best, but it’s where I originally got my overseas Pretty Guardians membership, so I feel comfortable ordering from them. Also, I got a lot of discounts for rejoining TOM Premium, but you can buy it without signing up for Premium.

I was hesitant to purchase it because while I am an avid Sailor Moon fan, the Super S arc wasn’t quite as gripping for me. What changed my mind was the fact that this looks so gorgeous and it changes colors! It also has opening wings, music and voice samples according to the description. I just couldn’t help myself!

Whether or not you decide to get one is up to you, but I should tell you, these guys are like Sonic: They go fast!

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