E2: Collision

This episode dove straight into battle and tactics, and I loved it! I know some people are eager to see Osamu and the others, but personally I’m fine with not seeing them for a bit. These characters may not be our primary focus, but they are interesting to me and have been developed enough to the point where I care about them too. Though, Tachikawa’s kind of a jerk…that said, I don’t want Jin’s premonition to come true.

Speaking of characters I care about, Kazama is on fire! However, I’m worried that one of the opponents has noticed that he can’t attack while invisible. Kazama is strong without using chameleon, as we saw against Osamu. However, these enemies are far more experienced in combat, and may find a way to use chameleon against him. These guys are the worst type of enemies as well: Calm and calculating. Level-headed people are difficult to deal with. But these four are calm as well, so they won’t be easy to beat.

I’ve always loved watching Konami fight, but she was just too cool in this episode! She’s not missing a beat! And she even managed to surprise the enemy! No wonder Jin sent her in.

You’d think that unexpected moves would mess everything up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this interesting situation ends up leading to the best possible future, lol.

Even though Kaho can probably handle it on her own, I really want to see these two fight together.

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