E3: Battle

I already fell in love with Kaho’s character design when I first saw her. But after watching her in action, I like her even more now! Her combo with Kitora was interesting to see, especially since it didn’t seem like they had previous experience working together.

The thing I enjoy about these battles is that they’re not completely one-sided beatdowns. If one side finds itself at a disadvantage at any point, it’s not necessarily because they’re weaker or they made a mistake. Rather, it’s because their opponent is on a similar level in tactics and/or skill. That’s what makes these battles so interesting to watch because you really don’t know who will come out on top. (Side note: I love how Kikuchihara’s side effect is introduced as lame, but it ends up being so useful.)

That’s probably why this battle has me so on edge. For one guy to be able to take on three of them at the same time is concerning. If any one person gets taken down, it could mean a significant disadvantage for their side. Kazama wants to hurry and defeat his opponent (who has mistaken him for a child, lol), but he doesn’t seem like a pushover. Still, Jin said the battle would be over soon, so I hope that means Tachikawa’s plan will work. Also, I’m grateful that this won’t be a long, drawn-out battle like the earlier invasion. I’m guessing we’ll get to the continuation of the Rank Wars soon.

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