E5: New Technique

He looks so lively and adorable here!

Finally, we’re onto the Rank Wars! I was so excited for today that I couldn’t stand it!

I was a little surprised to find that Kakizaki used to be part of Arashiyama squad. That and his team was the only B-Rank team during the invasion with no bailouts. Those two things combined with the respect he’s earned from Tokieda make me feel like he has sound judgement, and probably won’t easily fall prey to Osamu’s strategies.

Ahh, it looks like Katori squad is on edge after losing so much. It’s depressing and it sucks, but each person has their own way of coping. I get where his frustration with Yoko is coming from, but I also feel like there’s probably a lot more to it than what he sees. I suspect they’ll get to that later in the match.

Tamakoma-2 is holding nothing back! Between Chika’s lead bullet, Osamu’s wires, and Kuga’s cool moves, Katori squad finds themselves in an unfavorable position.

The looks on their faces tell me that Hana is probably really scary. But it’s thanks to her quick thinking that they’re saved. Things seem to be a stalemate after this but…

Chika pulled out Ibis!!!!! LET’S GO!!!

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