I’m Moving to a New Site!

Hey! So I’m moving to a new site. I won’t bring my anime reviews over, but if you really like them, most of them are still up on my Tumblr which I no longer update. I did import a few of my other posts, but the new site will look pretty bare since I just started it.

I don’t know how long I’ll leave this site up. I was *just* billed like a week or so ago so I’m tempted to just let it be until next year. But I know I’m gonna forget to cancel before I get charged again, so I’m thinking I’ll take it down on Friday May 28th…assuming I remember.

The new site is Reflect Raine Blog if you’re interested. Note that I’ve also created a separate Twitter account where I’ll try to remember to tweet my new posts. Thank you for your continued support!

EDIT: I’m just going to let it be. The site will naturally expire May 30th 2022.

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