Rion Kugayama: Finished

I've done a lot of cosplays so far but I think this is the first time that I've done one on accident. When I first started playing Tokyo Xanadu, I was playing it on PC. At that time, I had started streaming Code: Realize on PS4. Unfortunately, I couldn't stream past the first chapter, so... Continue Reading →

Rion Kugayama: Teaser

I did a thing. More pics coming soon! In the mean time, if you haven't already, check out my post where I gush about her: Rion Kugayama Planned. Also...I found that if you Google "Rion Kugayama" in images, my posts from this site show up...fairly quick?! Yeah, I dunno why...

Casual Go Eunbyeol

This is another cosplay inspired by Go Eunbyeol from the k-drama "Who are you?" She literally wore this outfit for scene, but listen, I *had* to. I measured everything out as best I could, but unfortunately my pleats were not as deep as I would've liked. As a result, they didn't stay put very... Continue Reading →

Chrome Dokuro WIP – Jacket

Jackets are always a struggle for me because it takes so long to get from cut up fabric pieces to a finished project. That's probably because the particular pattern I use is for a lined jacket. So even though it starts to look done after I finish the outside, I still have to go back... Continue Reading →

Chrome Dokuro WIP – Skirt

Yeah, remember when I said I love making pleated skirts? Wasn't kidding. Like I said before, I was struggling with trying new things, so I decided to go back to my strong suit, which is uniforms. Specifically, military/uniform jackets with pleated skirts. Oddly enough, while I adore making pleated skirts...jackets not so much, lol. I... Continue Reading →

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