Casual Go Eunbyeol

This is another cosplay inspired by Go Eunbyeol from the k-drama "Who are you?" She literally wore this outfit for scene, but listen, I *had* to. I measured everything out as best I could, but unfortunately my pleats were not as deep as I would've liked. As a result, they didn't stay put very... Continue Reading →

Chrome Dokuro WIP – Jacket

Jackets are always a struggle for me because it takes so long to get from cut up fabric pieces to a finished project. That's probably because the particular pattern I use is for a lined jacket. So even though it starts to look done after I finish the outside, I still have to go back... Continue Reading →

Chrome Dokuro WIP – Skirt

Yeah, remember when I said I love making pleated skirts? Wasn't kidding. Like I said before, I was struggling with trying new things, so I decided to go back to my strong suit, which is uniforms. Specifically, military/uniform jackets with pleated skirts. Oddly enough, while I adore making pleated skirts...jackets not so much, lol. I... Continue Reading →

Go Eun-byul Skirt Finished!

I wanted to cosplay Go Eun-byul specifically, but I don't have her wig ready are some random pics! For those who don't know, she's a character from a k-drama called "Who Are You?" which is up on KBS's Youtube if you're curious. I'll be honest, the payoff wasn't great. Still, the journey itself was... Continue Reading →

Go Eun-byul Skirt Progress

I think one of the reasons I like making pleated skirts is because the process is quick. Even though I'm a cosplayer, I enjoy wearing more than making in most cases. Personally, it's frustrating to stare at something for days on end and still have to wait for it to look like the finished product.... Continue Reading →

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