E24: Akame ga Kill

So many things happened I don’t even know how to feel…. The fight between Akame and Esdeath was pretty awesome.  I was sad to see Esdeath die.  It’s not often that I take a liking to a villain, but she had class.  And even though I knew they were never going to happen, I felt... Continue Reading →

E21: Kill the Despair

Esdeath gives Tatsumi a chance to join her, but of course he refuses.  Am I the only one who felt a bit sorry when she looked so hurt at being rejected?  In any case, since she wasn’t able to convince him, she decides that she wants to be the one to kill him at his... Continue Reading →

E20: Kill the Carnage

For now, the Jaegers have been put on standby, which may be for the best.  They’re down three members, and Kurome doesn’t seem to be in very good shape. Tatsumi and Lubba are supposed to support the Revolution Army’s break-in from within, along with those who oppose the Minister.  At least that was the plan... Continue Reading →

E19: Kill the Fate

Mine takes on Seryu and Coro, while Tatsumi deals with Suzuka, the last of the Four Rakshasa Demons. The battle between Mine and Seryu was fierce.  I mean, we always knew Seryu was crazy, but I think this episode showcased that more than any other.  So I was glad when Mine dealt the finishing blow. ... Continue Reading →

E18: Kill the Demon

Part of me feels bad…the other part is trying really hard not to laugh… Kurome, though severely injured, is determined to keep up with the Jaegers at any cost.  Wave is naturally concerned for her, but we know Kurome isn’t as weak as she looks. Akame takes down one of the Four Rakshasa Demons and... Continue Reading →

E17: Kill the Curse

They seem almost normal here…. At any rate, Bols tries to flee after the explosion but runs into Chelsea, and she doesn’t let him get away alive. I actually felt pretty sorry for him.  I liked him a lot.  Though…I’m angry because I never got to see his face!!! Anyway, with one down, Chelsea decides... Continue Reading →

E16: Kill the Puppets

Kurome’s got a pretty powerful lineup of puppets, plus she has another one up her sleeve somewhere.  Unfortunately the only way to stop them is to kill her. Esdeath, Run, and Seryu hit a wall of thieves.  Hopefully it’ll take them some time to tear it down, and Night Raid won’t have to worry about... Continue Reading →

E15: Kill the Religious Organization

Finally, Najenda decides that Night Raid should take care of the Jaegers before anything else.  I don't know about that.  It's easy to say you can take down people you had a connection to - even for a short time- without hesitation, but it's another thing to actually do it.  Surprisingly, it's not Tatsumi that... Continue Reading →

E14: Kill the Giant Danger Beast

So Esdeath and Tatsumi are transported to an island.  While Tatsumi sees this as an inescapable hell, Esdeath decides to treat it like a date. 2, Tatsumi, pick 2! In any case, we learn a little more about Tatsumi and a lot more about Esdeath.  She obtained her "Survival of the Fittest" attitude from her... Continue Reading →

E13: Kill the Nuisances

So Esdeath and the Jaegers have been ordered to exterminate the new man-eating Danger Beasts that have been harassing people.  Unfortunately, because of Bols’ appearance he is not thanked after saving two people.  So of course this is where Wave comes in and- Sorry bro. In any case, Run informs Esdeath that these beasts were... Continue Reading →

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