E8: The Bells of Contention

According to one of Hartgen’s old retainers, Hartgen is aiming to be the next Emperor Gaz.  The black Chaika seems to be manipulating him. The black Chaika forces the other Chaikas to fight.  Vivi and Nikolai are pitted against Gillette.  Vivi is forced to make Gillette remember them the hard way, but at least he... Continue Reading →

E7: Black Agenda

While sneaking into the castle, Akari and Toru find themselves fighting their mentor Shin.  Even though it’s two against one, he seemed to have the upper hand so they tactically retreat.  They both are pretty shaken up about it, but they don’t let it stop them. Guy is working for Hartgen, who aims to start... Continue Reading →

E6: The Castle of Madness

The Chaikas are gathering to participate in Hartgen’s tournament.  I’m eager to see them face off against one another. Apparently Guy is responsible for saving Gillette.  And there really does seem to be more than one of him.  And if that wasn’t confusing enough… He just walks off with Niva who willingly follows.  I’m with... Continue Reading →

E5: The Emperor’s Fortune

The Chaikas team up in order to find their friends and escape.  Izhmash sends a crapton of fayla after them, so once everyone meets up they have no choice but to work together. Chaika tries to take out the tower controlling all the fayla, but her gundo alone won’t do the trick.  Good thing she... Continue Reading →

E4: The Writhing Island

There was so much shocking truth in this episode, I’m just gonna get right into it. The Kraken tells Chaika that she is a tool in Emperor Gaz’s grand scheme, and that the Chaikas hold the key to a chaotic future of destruction.  He mentions the Chaikas’ memories and emotions are very important, and seeing... Continue Reading →

E2: A Wizard’s Pride

I was super excited to see Chaika Bogdan again.  But it seems she’s really done some thinking after running into Toru and the others.  She recognizes that at least Chaika’s objective of giving her father a funeral is clear and definitive, whereas she’s not quite sure how she’ll get revenge or all that really entails. ... Continue Reading →

E1: The Girl Who Gathers the Remains

This was another anime I was excited to see return.  Is this is the first time Akari’s done the Iron-Blood transformation?  I can’t remember if she did it before, but she looks AWESOME!  Anyway, this time they’re up against Claudia, one of the eight heroes who has some of Emperor Gaz’s remains.  She proposed for... Continue Reading →

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