E15: Thread of Light

I think this is one of the few times where the problem is actually partially Ginko’s fault.  When Gen was a child, his mother accidentally extracted too much of his ether from him, so Ginko wrapped him in a robe of ether made by his mother.  But now, he has too much ether, and he... Continue Reading →

E14: Hidden Cove

A mushi called Kairogi allows Yura to send her thoughts to her former caretaker Sumi.  Yura is ill, and the only thing that comforts her is knowing that she has Sumi’s support.  But Yura’s father, feeling that her dependence on Sumi was hindering her rather than helping her sent Sumi away. Ginko warns Yura that... Continue Reading →

E13: Lingering Crimson

Ginko finds Mikage alone in the woods, and helps her find her way back to her husband Youkichi.  They seem like your average bickering old couple, but lately Mikage has been leaving the house in the evening saying she’s going home.  Youkichi explains that when he was younger he had a friend named Akane.  On... Continue Reading →

E12: Fragrant Darkness

Taking shortcuts almost never ends well in an anime…. At first it seems like there’s not much really wrong with Kaoru, but then he realizes he’s having very strong feelings of deja vu.  SIDENOTE: Again, feel free to skip this.  I know we all get the sense every once in a while that we’ve done... Continue Reading →

E11: Cushion of Grass

A mushi-shi by the name of Suguro finds Ginko and lets him stay with him for a bit.  He teaches Ginko a few things about mushi, and advises him to keep moving so that he doesn’t cause disaster.  There is a mushi called Tokoyami living in his left eye, and eating his memories.  Even though... Continue Reading →

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