E11: What Color?

I’m not sure I like how everything turned out, but at least Togane is dead, Akane managed to remain clear,  and Sibyl admitted to being imperfect.   I really like what Akane says here though, which is that society doesn’t determine people’s futures, but vice-versa.   Also, in case you missed it: Psycho Pass Movie

E10: Gauging the Soul

Even here, I knew she wasn’t going to lose her marbles.  I mean she watched her best friend get killed in front of her and still managed to keep her hue clear.  Even if this is worse, I think she’s the kind of person that knows how to keep calm, regardless of the situation. Well,... Continue Reading →

E7: Untraceable Children

Akane is wondering why the Chief has not stepped in to help stop Kamui. She realizes that since the Chief seems so eager to be rid of Kamui that he must be a threat to Sibyl.  Though she has no problem with Akane arresting him rather than killing him, so either he’s not that big... Continue Reading →

E6: Those Who Cast Stones

Akane figures out that Kamui and Inspector Shisui are after the Dominators.  Knowing that Dominators can’t be used on inspectors, she urges the enforcers to leave.  But of course they can’t abandon her.  They come up with a plan to lure most of the drones into one area, and finish them off.  It works, and... Continue Reading →

E5: Unforbidden Games

Kamui seems fixated on bringing Sibyl to justice but I’m not sure he’s going about it the right way so far. Akane definitely considers him a threat.  They found the place where they believe he is hiding, and though they’ve already sent drones, Akane wants to go investigate for herself.  Ugh…. The one thing I... Continue Reading →

E4: The Salvation of Job

Akane, Ginoza, and Togane decide to interrogate Masuda about Kamui.  But now of course he claims he doesn’t know him.  They eventually find that the device he was using to keep his hue clear is located at the mental care facility where Inspector Aoyanagi and several innocent people are trapped inside with a psycho Kamui... Continue Reading →

E3: The Devil’s Proof

So, this guy, Kirito- No, not that Kirito. Kirito Kamui.  He’s the one who has been making people clear, and he has Inspector Shisui held hostage.  He promises to release her from Sibyl and help her remember her true self from long ago.  Somehow he lowered her Crime Coefficient…which was great because otherwise the Dominator... Continue Reading →

E2: The Creeping Unknown

It’s not even five minutes into the episode and she’s already getting on my nerves by writing a report on how Akane and Ginoza didn’t do their jobs properly.  Yayoi tries to calm her down, but the girl just won’t listen.  I am just waiting for her to get pwned.  They interrogate Kitazawa who claims... Continue Reading →

E1: The Scales of Justice

You have no idea how long I have waited to see this come back.  At any rate, we’ve got some familiar faces and some new ones.  It seems Akane is acting as leader this time around.  Meanwhile, Ginoza seems to have become an enforcer, which doesn’t surprise me given the last season.  The new enforcers,... Continue Reading →

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