E24: Mother’s Rosario

Even though I knew it was coming, it didn’t hurt any less.  What really gets me is the Shiun feels so guilty about recovering.  But given Yuuki’s parting words, I think she would want all of them to lead long lives if possible.  As much as I usually like avoiding sad things, I’m glad that... Continue Reading →

E23: The Dream Begins

Thanks to Kirito and his friends, Yuuki is able to attend school with Asuna using the device attached to her shoulder.  I think it was cool that all the students and the professors agreed to it and even had her participate in class.  But I think the best part of this episode for me was... Continue Reading →

E20: Sleeping Knights

Asuna agrees to help the Sleeping Knights defeat the boss so that they can get their names on the Swordsman’s Memorial. Things between her and her mother are still rocky at this point.  Her mother can’t understand why she dedicates so much time to a game similar to the one she could’ve died in.  To... Continue Reading →

E19: Zekken

While I’m not a big fan of Asuna’s mom, I have to admit she makes some good points.  Plus, maybe it’s just me, but she’s not half as rude as the typical dream-killing mother in other anime.  It’s true that it could hold Asuna back a bit if she were to marry someone poor, but... Continue Reading →

E18: Forest House

Asuna, Kirito, and Yui manage to get their old home back.  I’m happy to see Yui normal-sized again.  She’s so adorable. While Kirito and his harem are hanging out, they start talking about this player named Zekken.  Apparently, he’ll fight anyone who challenges him, and if they win, they get an Original Sword Skill with... Continue Reading →

E17: Excalibur

Kind of reminds me of what happens when you give Kawamura a tennis racket….. Freyja transforms into Thor and helps the gang defeat the king of the giants. I don’t know why, but that reminded me of this: My mind works in mysterious ways…. With the boss defeated, the place starts to fall apart.  Luckily... Continue Reading →

E16: The King of the Giants

Yui points out that because ALO is based on Norse mythology, there’s a possibility that the entire World Tree will be burned down and the entire map will be destroyed….but let’s worry about that later. They enter the dungeon and start going through monsters.  I was glad to see them all participating equally, but of... Continue Reading →

E15: Queen of the Lake

The Holy Sword Excalibur has been found, but no one has claimed it.  I think I understand why: Anyway, Kirito wants to get his harem together and clear the dungeon to get the sword.  At first I was psyched to find out what Sinon’s ALO outfit would look like but I forgot what kind of... Continue Reading →

E14: One Little Step

An electrode!?  Really?!  Anyway, now that that’s over, it seems Asada has gained some confidence. I loved seeing her refuse to hand her money over, shoot a can, hand the gun back to the girl, and then say “bye."  That’s how you do it! Not to mention, it was a big step for her to... Continue Reading →

E13: Phantom Bullet

Seriously?  Not that I wanted to see a battle between them at this point, but honestly, I thought there should be only one winner, even if it was Kirito.  He finally did remember Red-Eyed Zaza though, so hopefully that will help the investigation along.   But of course the party didn’t stop when they logged out.... Continue Reading →

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