E12: Bullet of a Phantom

Sinon is back!  She took out Dark Wind like he was nothing!  And she doesn’t just stop there.  She also manages to take out one of Death Gun’s weapons, even though it means losing part of her own in the process. Or at least, I thought it was done… It’s also a gun sword. We... Continue Reading →

E11: What It Means to be Strong

Take your time.  She’s got all day. It was fun to see Asuna intimidate the crap out of Chrysheight.  As much as Kirito’s always trying to protect his family and harem, they get concerned when he goes off and does stuff on his own.  Don’t worry girls (and Klein), he’s got backup! If Asuna sees... Continue Reading →

E10: Pursuer of Death

All in the space of like 20 minutes… You can’t blame her though.  She was basically reliving her past and staring death in the face.  But honestly, I was hoping she would be able to pull through without Kirito’s help.  Still, it was nice to see them confide in each other and admit that they... Continue Reading →

E9: Death Gun

So we’re getting closer and closer to finding out who this Death Gun guy is.  He talks about killing Kirito’s friends before and it’s been a long time since I watched the first SAO so of course the only thing I can think of right now is the first guild Kirito joined.  But I’m thinking... Continue Reading →

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