E12: A Pressing Appeal

Okay, first off, we all got Nozaki’d.  THIS is Kyoya’s mom. I was worried when Erika first called the mother to join them at the festival, because I knew it wouldn’t turn out well if she showed up and nothing was wrong.  But I was glad she was able to help with something. And it... Continue Reading →

E11: A Critical Situation

If you thought Kyoya was sadistic, his older sister is a real piece of work.  I expected her to bully the crap out of Erika… But they just ended up having a sweet-eating contest after which Erika tossed her cookies.  But at least she has the sister’s approval it seems.  Now she just has to... Continue Reading →

E7: Mutual Love

So Erika decides to move on from Kyoya, mainly after hearing what he told Kusakabe.   In the meantime, she decides to start off as friends with Kusakabe, and eventually agrees to a date with him.  She wants to fall for him, and he’s being really patient with her.  But of course, in the end... Continue Reading →

E6: Preparing for Battle

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, Erika decides to make some sweets for Kyoya in an attempt to win his heart.  They do say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Lately Erika’s been helping Kusakabe work on his confidence.  He is really my type of guy: shy, sweet, considerate, and... Continue Reading →

E5: An Impregnable Defense

I knew this felt too easy. Kyoya jokingly confesses to Erika, and it really gets her hopes up.  I do think it was really cruel, and that he deserved what he got: For some reason he reminds me of Light Yagami right there… But I do feel like even though he said he was joking,... Continue Reading →

E4: Daily Anguish

Listen to San-chan, she’s wise beyond her years… Anyway, I’m glad they addressed the issue and it didn’t become an episode about awkwardly avoiding each other or something like that.  But while Erika’s very certain about her feelings, Kyoya seems to have yet to really sort out his own.  In his case his actions definitely... Continue Reading →

E3: A Precipitous Drop

After summer break ends and everyone goes back to school, Kyoya hasn’t shown up.  It turns out he’s sick, so Erika goes to take his work to him.  Since he really seems out of it, she tries to take care of him.  But, of course, he tells her to go home. She shows up the... Continue Reading →

E2: A Rash and Blind Act

Even though Erika’s the one who asked Kyoya to pretend to be her boyfriend, it seems like their relationship is more advantageous for him than it is for her.  So she takes San-chan’s advice and tries to find a real boyfriend. The cute and caring Kimura shows up, and saves her from a tribe of... Continue Reading →

E1: Caught in Her Own Trap

I’m kinda newish to the shoujo genre, but since I loved Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and Nozaki, I figured, meh, why not? Our heroine Erika is desperate to make new friends, as we all were at her age.  But when she gets to class it seems like everyone already knows each other.  Still, she manages... Continue Reading →

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