E9: His Butler, Serene

I wish I had something like that in my kitchen.  It was hilarious watching the Phantomhive servants welcome their unwanted guests.  These guys know how to party, Finnian especially... It was a bit sad though, since I really liked Dagger.  I also liked Beast, but I'm not going to lie, I was just as jealous... Continue Reading →

E8: His Butler, Sneering

Well, I guess we agree on one thing. Villains like Kelvin are the ones that tend to disgust me the most.  He's so creepy, and his unhealthy obsession with the Phantomhives just makes me cringe.  I mean, at some level, I get it.  There are some people in life we admire so much that we... Continue Reading →

E7: His Butler, Careful Tending

You know it's bad when even the villain can't stomach what he's doing.   Seriously though, what kind of sick person is this Father of his, Kelvin?  Then again, usually anyone going by "Father" in an anime isn't much of a fatherly figure.  But I definitely didn't expect it to go this way.  The end didn't make it any... Continue Reading →

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