E12: Swim-Off in a Foreign Land

The English in this episode just threw me off so much, especially since it was mixed in with Japanese.  I still needed the subtitles in some cases though because my ears were just so confused... I figured something like this happened last time Rin was in Australia.  It reminds me of the movie "Gotta Kick... Continue Reading →

E11: The Open Turn of Destiny!

Damn, even Sousuke was concerned.  Everyone was concerned about Haru in their own way, and it was interesting to get Nagisa and Rei's perspective on the whole thing.  Of course, what stood out most was the scene at the end. Possibly the most emotion Haru has shown throughout both seasons.  Some people aren't too pleased... Continue Reading →

E10: The Six-Beat Kick of Tears

This episode shed a lot of light on Sousuke, and the hardships he endured to get here.  Part of me appreciates his determination and passion for swimming, but there was also part of me that was concerned about him repeatedly injuring and recovering his shoulder.  I almost thought this would end up like Kaleido Star...oh... Continue Reading →

E9: Forming of Disruption!

Angry Haru is sexy. Seriously though, it was great to see him emotional.  I always think of Haru as this intangible sort of being that can't be bound by anything.  In previous episodes we see that of course he really cares for his friends and has a deep passion for swimming but this episode went... Continue Reading →

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