E12: Ego (Resolution)

It was interesting to find out that Art's younger brother skill had the Ego Minimum.  I was sorry that Art wasn't able to save him. That being said, people were really messed up without their ego. It seems Art and Nice remained unaffected though, so they had a showdown. Art wanted to get rid of... Continue Reading →

E11: End of Yokohama

So apparently Shunichi was right about Art.  After gathering so many minimum holders in Yokohama, he planned to use Hajime's power to wipe out all their powers.  Of course, he has to activate her power by killing Nice. As to whether he's actually dead or not that remains to be seen.  But with so many... Continue Reading →

E10: For Whom to Duel

Saikyou forces Ratio and Nice to fight to the death.  If Ratio wins, he gets Suruga, the  Healing Minimum Holder, who can heal Birthday and Chiyuu, but then Hajime would die.  If Nice wins, he gets Hajime, but Suruga dies.  And why is she doing all of this?  Because she's bored.   I just don't... Continue Reading →

E9: Symphony in the Moonlight

Honey's right, Birthday, you are an idiot.  Of course there are bunny girls on the moon. While the gang is off trying to cheer up Hajime, Art is getting serious in his role as leader of the Freemums. And Doktor is being equally adamant about eradicating "stray" Minimum Holders.  Wherever this is heading, it's nowhere... Continue Reading →

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