I Snagged all of Reborn! on DVD

Christmas is usually the time to give gifts to others, but it's good to buy a few things for yourself too, right? Right?! RightStuf often has good sales, but sometimes they also have MEGA DEALS, which are a few things that they put on sale for an unbelievably good price. Usually, the products in mega... Continue Reading →

E11: Each One’s Determination

Can we talk about this creepy person/thing?  This is probably the assassin from the other country with the black trigger.  The black and red reminds me of how Kuga looks when he activates his trigger, but this person seems way different.  Maybe they had an awesome amount of Trion?  I have no idea, but it’ll... Continue Reading →

Kimi ni Todoke

I finished binging this a while back and I really liked it. I don't really watch romance anime that often since I have to be in the mood for it, but this one was really good imo.

E3 – From the Crystal White Snow

I imagine that since everyone played karuta where he grew up that it also served as a form of socializing for him. When Chihaya visited him at home, his mother seemed surprised that he had anyone over. And after the match in the last episode he was in the classroom alone practicing. It wasn't by... Continue Reading →

E8: Self-Contradiction

Kyoya gets annoyed because Erika wants them to do all the cheesy things couples do now that they’re a couple.  And, while I understand Erika’s feelings, I kinda have to agree with Kyoya on this.  Different people enjoy different things, and personally, I thought staying in and watching a DVD was a perfect idea.  I... Continue Reading →

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