E2: Dancing Flowers

Apparently Aogiri has continued to take over more territory since Kaneki joined.  Naturally, the CCG is more determined than ever to put a stop to them. The investigators suspect that the Owl they just fought may not be the same one from 10 years ago.  If so, then who were they fighting? Amon’s new partner... Continue Reading →

E1: New Surge

Is it bad that I found this hilarious? But the way he switches between being himself and not himself is pretty creepy…I’m getting flashbacks of Yuno Gasai… In any case, I’m glad he kept Ayato from killing Touka.  But what is he trying to do as part of Aogiri?  More importantly: WTF IS THIS?!  They... Continue Reading →

E12: Ghoul

I love this effect so much.  Yeah, it obviously represents Kaneki being taken over by Rize, but you can’t tell me that it isn’t sort of beautiful in its own strange way. Anyway, this episode was all about the internal conflict.  We finally get to know more about Kaneki, and what a hardworking person his... Continue Reading →

E11: High Spirits

Were his nails…always that color?  Seriously though, I was glad they did not show whatever Jason is doing to him.  I don’t want to see it.  This alone is breaking me.  From the last episode I thought that Jason was born this way, but apparently not.  Some sick bastards are created by other sick bastards.... Continue Reading →

E10: Aogiri

Lol, I guess Banjo wasn’t as big of a threat as I thought he was.  If Rize had people like him caring about her, then maybe she wasn’t all that terrible.  Too bad that his warning came a little late. These Aogiri Tree people are no joke.  Not only did they take down the 11th... Continue Reading →

E9: Birdcage

That terrifying moment when you realize your idiot friend might actually be smart. I don’t know if Hide knows about Kaneki, but he definitely seems to know much more about ghouls than he lets on.   I still can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Mado, even after getting a little more of Amon’s past. ... Continue Reading →

E8: Circular

This was a really good episode with lots of frustration.  The entire time Amon was going on and on about his co-worker, I just kept thinking “You did the exact same thing!"  and of course Kaneki and Touka are thinking about Ryoko.  It was good to see the same story on both ends but neither of them really seem to... Continue Reading →

E22: Stranger

Shout out to all the programmers. Tetra’s crossing into dangerous territory…also, what is up with Minori and giraffes?  According to Roe 2, her people on the moon might be able to help Shiroe and the others get home.  But how is he going to communicate with them?  And will he be able to get them... Continue Reading →

E21: The Skylarks Take Flight

I don’t think Naotsugu’s overthinking it at all.  I agree that it could be a problem if people start to get like this again, especially if a war really does break out between People of the Land or between Adventurers or both. To make matters worse, now that the barrier’s down, strange things like this... Continue Reading →

E20: Birthday Song

Nyanta was really going to work on these two, but luckily Kazuhiko prevented him from killing Mizufa.  Still, I wonder if Nyanta’s sense that there was nothing good left in him was right.  And Mizufa’s thirst for war is insane. I’m glad Nureha decided to send help, even if on a whim.  Not gonna lie,... Continue Reading →

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