E22: The Night History is Made

I bet it’s not.  Sinha himself is probably not that heavy but he wears a lot of stuff… Such a fierce expression!  And when she let go of that arrow I was too ecstatic!  I mean in the first episode she could barely manage walking around for a long period of time, and she knew... Continue Reading →

E21: Spark

I absolutely love this look she’s giving him.  Doesn’t it just scream “You are worse than the dirt beneath my feet, go die!” ?  Obviously, I thought the title was just referring to the firework, but I think there’s also a “spark” in Yona that’s ready to just turn into a blazing fire at any... Continue Reading →

E20: Chain of Courage

Yes Hak.  That did just happen. But man, did I feel for the guy this episode.  Not only was she off with on her own with a pervert, but she also volunteered to disguise herself as one of the women to be sold in this human trafficking operation Kumji’s got set up.  But you know... Continue Reading →

E19: The Senjuso Test

I don’t know about you guys, but I felt like they spoiled us with this episode.  Yona facing her fears and becoming stronger: Jeaha warming up to Yona. He was even willing to jump into the sea to save her if he had to: More antics with Ao: Intimate scene between Hak and Yona involving... Continue Reading →

E18: Ties

Poor Hak.    I actually like that Jeaha’s not like “Okay, sure, I’ll join you."  Of course, I figured at least one of them would resist.  Though, I am a bit surprised (pleasantly) that he wasn’t taken in by Yona’s cuteness.  However, he does notice her bravery and determination.  I think that Gija and Sinha... Continue Reading →

E17: The Pirates of Awa

Finally, we get to meet the Green Dragon.  I like Jeaha so far, but he doesn’t seem too willing to fulfill his duty.  His weakness for women makes me think he might give into Yona but he seems like a bit of a wildcard so for now I’ll just sit back and watch. I don’t... Continue Reading →

E16: War Games

So Su-won finally shows a little bit of his hardcore side, and man is it intimidating.  But he also demonstrated his ability to handle people and situations effectively, which is something a good king needs to be able to do.  I think Geun-tea also learned that he wasn’t using his own influence to its fullest. ... Continue Reading →

E15: To a New Land

I love how even though Yona wanted to be alone, Sinha sent Ao to keep an eye on her.  Even if Geun-tea doesn’t take Su-won seriously, I think he’ll end up being even more dangerous than his father.  This war game sounds like the chuunin exams.  But I’m not sure if this game is just... Continue Reading →

E14: Light

Awkward and adorable.  He does both so well. He definitely seems shy, but it will probably just take him a moment to warm up to the group.  I’m getting a bit worried though, because Hak aside, pretty much everyone else has been in one place so long and they don’t seem to know what to... Continue Reading →

E13: Echoing Fear

And cue soul-crushing regret… Honestly, the first thing this reminded me of was when Mako told Prince Wu to go to the bathroom on his own….but let’s not dwell on that.  Hak has to let Yona do things on her own at some point, and I think this was a pretty good demonstration of how... Continue Reading →

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