E9: The Day is Short, The Work is Long

Shizuo’s patience amazes me.  He must be saving all of his energy so he can give Izaya the best ass-kicking ever. How long does it take to say “no!"  You know Masaomi told you to stay out of trouble!  Then again, something does need to be done about Toramaru, especially since they now know that... Continue Reading →

E7: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

This title though…. Aww, Varona’s first kill.  Daddy looks so proud. Still, her luck sucks when it comes to jobs.  First she had to deal with Celty, then Anri/Saika, and then Celty again because of course beheading her didn’t work.  The weapon she used at the end almost did though: It kind of reminded me... Continue Reading →

E6: A Crow in the Dark Night

Can we just talk about this?  Nights?!  Sega Saturn!!?  MY CHILDHOOD?!?!?  (Well, part of it anyway…)  Who says anime can’t be educational?  But for someone so well-informed, she sure didn’t do her research on Celty…. It’s bad enough that she’s a runaway kid, but now we discover she’s the runaway granddaughter of a yakuza boss. ... Continue Reading →

E4: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Okay, Kadota is seriously boss.  He just rolls up in the van with sweet little Miyuki on the side, doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t say anything, just KOs two of the guys harassing Mikado, gets them in the van and drives away, punching the third out the driver’s window.  Those are the best kind of friends... Continue Reading →

E3: Adding Insult to Injury

So the idol/famous makeup artist Ruri, aka the serial killer Hollywood, is rescued by Yuhei after being severely injured by his older brother Shizuo.  She was treated by Shinra (who happens to be a big fan) but he leaves to treat Egor: Egor, who mistakes Shinra for his father Shingen, was found by Izaya’s two strange... Continue Reading →

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