E10: Let’s Do Our Best

Little late there Nagato…but that’s why you’re so cute.  Okay, I can understand that she was worried about losing Fubuki, but getting in with all her clothes on?  Still, Fubuki really should be more concerned about her own life.  You can’t get remodeled if you sink. Akagi must see great potential in Fubuki to ask... Continue Reading →

E9: Second Remodel-Poi?!

Of all the girls, I didn’t expect Yuudachi to get remodeled, but I like this new look.  It’s one thing that Fubuki worked so hard and then Yuudachi was remodeled first. But on top of that, Yuudachi was moved to the main fleet where she would be able to fight alongside Akagi, who Fubuki basically... Continue Reading →

E8: I’m Not a Hotel!

She is frickin gorgeous!  I love her style.  Kaga seems to be slowly warming up to Zuikaku.  Hopefully Zuikaku will follow her lead, because they really don’t have much of any reason to dislike each other, but then again what do I know? How can she even stand up straight?!?!  Good luck to all the... Continue Reading →

E7: I Hate Carrier Group One!

Talk about taking one for the team…. Not that Kaga would’ve just stood there and let her sink.  Still, it was a pretty gutsy move, and I think even though they don’t get along too well, this was confirmation that they do care for one another.  Also, since Fubuki sees potential in them to become... Continue Reading →

E4: It’s Our Turn! Follow Me!

That’s the way to make an entrance!  Although, I’m sorry, every time I hear ‘Hiei’ I’m going to think of this sexy beast: Anyway, though this episode was mostly light-hearted, it did get to the point towards the end.  Though Mutsuki finally did accept the fact that Kisaragi sank, I’m pretty sure she still feels... Continue Reading →

E3: The Operation to Capture W Island

Am I the only one getting slight flashbacks of when Mako encourages Ryuuko?   As great as all the love confessions were, I was glad to see some action towards the end.  Fubuki was just fricking MVP right here.  I really thought Mutsuki was gonna die after all those flags but once reinforcements showed up I... Continue Reading →

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