E22: Stranger

Shout out to all the programmers. Tetra’s crossing into dangerous territory…also, what is up with Minori and giraffes?  According to Roe 2, her people on the moon might be able to help Shiroe and the others get home.  But how is he going to communicate with them?  And will he be able to get them... Continue Reading →

E21: The Skylarks Take Flight

I don’t think Naotsugu’s overthinking it at all.  I agree that it could be a problem if people start to get like this again, especially if a war really does break out between People of the Land or between Adventurers or both. To make matters worse, now that the barrier’s down, strange things like this... Continue Reading →

E20: Birthday Song

Nyanta was really going to work on these two, but luckily Kazuhiko prevented him from killing Mizufa.  Still, I wonder if Nyanta’s sense that there was nothing good left in him was right.  And Mizufa’s thirst for war is insane. I’m glad Nureha decided to send help, even if on a whim.  Not gonna lie,... Continue Reading →

E19: The Red Night

Even if the place where you go when you die might be connected to the real world, I wouldn’t be so quick to rush there so often.  I can’t blame them for missing their homes, but if you keep dying and losing so many memories, you won’t even remember why you want to go home…... Continue Reading →

E18: When the Concert Ends

Damn, only 42?  That is like maybe 4 albums….look over at your CDs (or, for people who no longer believe in owning physical CDs, look at your playlist) and imagine having ONLY 42 SONGS FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! I would cry… For a while, since everyone was getting along so well, I forgot that People... Continue Reading →

E17: Odyssey Knights

And just who is that I wonder…. Whatever that device is, it doesn’t look like the risks are worth the benefits.  I’m definitely thinking that these guys have died a lot and lost so many of their memories to the point where their humanity has slipped away…or something to that effect.   I’m really concerned about... Continue Reading →

E16: The Midday Vampire

He’s been missing for 3 months and no one even has a lead?  Really?!?!! I want to say that definitely has to be Shiroe, but I can’t explain how that would be possible.  Either way, I think this could be amusing.

E15: A New Journey

I never get tired of this. I don’t mind getting more development on Isuzu and the others, but part of me really wants to get back to the action.  But given that they’re headed west and Kanami’s headed east, I wonder if they’ll meet?

E14: Kanami, Go East!

Aaaaaand, WE’RE BACK! Don’t get me wrong, the whole raid against 3 bosses was interesting, but I just couldn’t get as fired up for new episodes as I did during the first season. So apparently Kanami has been traveling east with some pretty interesting characters including a farming bot: A powerful NPC: And a teenage... Continue Reading →

E13: A Sweet Trap

I’m usually not too big of a fan of these types of episodes, but I’m glad they ended up working together on it in the end.  That’s some brutal verbal abuse right there.  But it looks like Intix might not get what she wants if Nureha ends up getting help from Shiroe.   But I... Continue Reading →

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