Chihayafuru S1: E5-8

Me for all of episode 5. Lately all of the anime episodes I've been watching have been making me cry. I don't know if it's just because there have been so many emotional moments or if I'm just made of tears. It could be both. I'm really enjoying this anime. I feel like I get... Continue Reading →

E3 – From the Crystal White Snow

I imagine that since everyone played karuta where he grew up that it also served as a form of socializing for him. When Chihaya visited him at home, his mother seemed surprised that he had anyone over. And after the match in the last episode he was in the classroom alone practicing. It wasn't by... Continue Reading →

E2 – The Red That Is

This is usually the part where the shy character goes "Oh no, I'm not that great at karuta." So hearing Wataya say this makes you realize that he has faith in his own skills that he's worked so hard to hone. The only thing I would have this much confidence in is my knowledge of... Continue Reading →

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