E5: Sparks

Jaune, being popular with the ladies. I'm sorry, it just suits him too well. Nora's right though, the haircut is working for him. I was too excited to see Flynt and Neon resurface! I hope to see more of them in the future. Also, Neon is just too adorable and funny. Yes! Please shower Qrow... Continue Reading →

E4: Pomp and Circumstance

I was amazed to find out that the Ace Ops weren't actually friends. When you have such good communication with each other that you barely need to speak, that's usually the result of friendship, or at least so I thought. But then again, I imagine they spent a lot of time fighting together on missions... Continue Reading →

E3: Ace Operatives

I've been seeing mixed reviews about the new designs. Personally, I like them. I'll admit that Blake's didn't turn out the way I had hoped in the animation, but you bet your ass I'm still cosplaying that. Also, now that RWBY's scythe is available in the RT store, I might be out of excuses not... Continue Reading →

E2: A New Approach

The thing I've always admired about Winter is that she genuinely cares about Weiss. When we first met her, I thought that being part of the Atlas military she might be strict and cold-hearted. Well, she is strict, but not in a bad way. She wasn't mad at Weiss for stealing, but for endangering herself.... Continue Reading →

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