E7: Stigma of the Disqualified

I found myself cursing Renly out last episode for being a coward. But now that we've been given backstory...I'm honestly surprised he still continued to fight. I would've quit after that. I've heard stories of people accidentally harming their loved ones, sometimes fatally, and I wouldn't be able to carry a weapon after doing something... Continue Reading →

E6: Battle of the Knights

Not much to say for this episode, so let's jump in. This is an interesting concept. Not sure what exactly happened to Lady Fanatio's opponent, but in the middle of glitching out it seems like he was able to take his fear and turn it back on her. It was one thing to see Alice... Continue Reading →

E5: The Night Before the Battle

It's pretty amazing that even though his mind is lost he's still able to defend. Even Alice barely saw what happened. I'm glad to see them doing well now, but this definitely had to be hard for them. Especially Tiese. At least Ronie can see Kirito, even though he's in such a sad state. Tiese... Continue Reading →

E4 – Dark Territory

Cool, would you like fries with that? Vixur and his crew aside, how would anyone else be okay with this? This "Emperor" who has never shown up before suddenly comes in and is like "Hey, let me rule you. First order of business, burn everything to the ground because I said so." And no one... Continue Reading →

E3 – The Final Load Test

I hate to admit it, but this guy is intelligent with good leadership skills. And he's skilled at combat. Which means he and his team are going to be a real pain in the neck. Also, why does SAO have this habit of bringing back obscure characters as main antagonists?! I'm getting fidgety. I can't... Continue Reading →

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