E5: New Technique

He looks so lively and adorable here! Finally, we're onto the Rank Wars! I was so excited for today that I couldn't stand it! I was a little surprised to find that Kakizaki used to be part of Arashiyama squad. That and his team was the only B-Rank team during the invasion with no bailouts.... Continue Reading →

E3: Battle

I already fell in love with Kaho's character design when I first saw her. But after watching her in action, I like her even more now! Her combo with Kitora was interesting to see, especially since it didn't seem like they had previous experience working together. The thing I enjoy about these battles is that... Continue Reading →

E2: Collision

This episode dove straight into battle and tactics, and I loved it! I know some people are eager to see Osamu and the others, but personally I'm fine with not seeing them for a bit. These characters may not be our primary focus, but they are interesting to me and have been developed enough to... Continue Reading →

E1: The Attack

First of all, can we talk about the fact that the OP theme is done by Tomorrow x Together?!?! A kpop group?!!?! I haven't listened to a lot of their stuff, but I know they're popular. I might start. Just think of the doors this could open! If we got an anime op/ed by Twice... Continue Reading →

E38: B-Rank Wars Begin

If Shiroe is the Villain in Glasses, then Osamu is the Hero in Glasses.  And oh is he infuriated, as he should be.  Two week wait and I was not disappointed in this episode at all.  From beginning to end, Osamu and his team - but most importantly Osamu-  stepped up their game.  They basically... Continue Reading →

E37: A Hero and a Partner

I thought his mother would be furious, but I’m glad that she’s just checking on him and that she’s acknowledged his growth. I’m glad to hear he’s alive, but if they don’t make it to A-rank soon, the enemy could find him and kill him or force him over to their side.  I don’t want... Continue Reading →

E36: The Have-Not

I hope they can find him somehow. Who is this “someone”? She’s got it bad…. And yet here he is, being an awesome defense agent. Of all the things Osamu’s faced so far in this series, I think this may be the scariest…

E35: The End of the Battle

Nice thinking Osamu!  REPLICAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  And he worked the hardest to protect Osamu!  It’s so unfair!  I’m hoping this turns out to be one of those things where he’s not really dead, and he shows up and gives Border a crapton of info on the enemy….I guess we’ll see. Jin’s side effect had a powerful influence... Continue Reading →

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