E33: The Terror of Hyrein

I haven’t even played Portal but I immediately thought of it when I saw this. At least his hard work didn’t go to waste. Miwa may be a jerk, but at least he’s giving Hyrein a run for his money.  Now if only Osamu and Replica can get past Mira….

E32: Implacable Enedora

Maybe I’m a terrible person, but I was happy when Mira just took his Trigger and killed him.  I hate him that much.   But he probably wouldn’t have been such a jerk if it weren’t for the Trigger so I guess I did feel a little bad… Ugggh, just when I thought they had him….... Continue Reading →

E30: The Enemy Captain, Hyrein

Kuga’s Side Effect really comes in handy. Looks like we might get to see Shinoda in action. I…did not know they could do that!  That is insane!  Well, what’s really insane is the amount of Trion Chika has, I mean we already knew but still, this: Of course it took out two new types!  Who... Continue Reading →

E29: A Crossroads of Fate

Looks like keeping them at bay may not be enough to save Osamu.  Apparently there are still 1243 seconds (~ 21 minutes) until he does or doesn’t die, so let’s hope the odds shift in his favor by then. Kuga’s strategies are intricate, but the fact that this guy is still able to hold his... Continue Reading →

E28: Organon User

I really want to see either Shinoda or Kido wipe the floor with Enedora. Even if he did get defeated, I think this episode really showcased his abilities.  No wonder he’s A-rank. I knew as soon as he appeared that he was going to be trouble.  He seems like he has a lot of experience,... Continue Reading →

E27: Border on the Counterattack

I really hope Miwa takes Jin’s words to heart.  Although, if he decides not to show up, then I hope Osamu suddenly comes up with some badass strategy and manages to save himself… I think it was nice that they demonstrated the talents of other agents in this episode.  But if it takes this many... Continue Reading →

E21: The Neighbors’ World

The difference is so huge.  Border’s lack of knowledge about the Neighbors’ world is scary.  They’re lucky Kuga and Replica agreed to give them information.  Extremely lucky. I’m getting a bit nervous about Jin’s Side Effect.  I think he’s mentioned something before about it not being completely certain or something, and earlier he did remind... Continue Reading →

E20: Duel! Yuma vs Midorikawa

I enjoy seeing Kuga kick butt, especially for Osamu’s sake. I can’t wait for the day where Osamu can realize he’s being insulted/humiliated and take care of things like that on his own.   Still, it did give him the chance to clear things up: Don’t make a bragging pose when you’re actually admitting how... Continue Reading →

E19: Rank War, Shun Midorikawa’s Plot

Tokieda gives Kuga a heads up that he can earn points faster through C-Rank Wars.  That was great news, because 133 days of training is just too long.  Also, you just have to love Replica: He’s so considerate, just like “Now now Yuma, don’t kick their asses too hard."  But who doesn’t like to see... Continue Reading →

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