E18: Osamu Mikumo vs Soya Kazuma

Both guys were pretty awesome in this battle, but you have to give it up to Osamu for that brilliant plan.  He reminds me of some other glasses-wearing strategist…. In any case, I’d definitely say he has the potential to become A-rank.  Even Kazama acknowledged him: But now that Osamu knows what Jin sacrificed in... Continue Reading →

E17: Border Official Enlistment

Kuga and Chika are really tearing it up!  If they keep it up like this, hopefully it won’t be long before they get up to B-rank. The cool thing about Osamu is that he’s going into this and taking it as a learning experience.  Most of the time, we see “Oh, he’s one of the... Continue Reading →

E16: The Future Moves Forward

It’s pretty mature of Jin to recognize that not all Neighbors are like the one who killed his mother.  I hope Miwa and the others are eventually able to take a page out of his book, but I know it’s probably not the easiest thing to do. Shinoda’s not playing games, but it doesn’t seem... Continue Reading →

E15: Black Trigger, Fujin

Jin always has something up his sleeve.  He managed to take out Utagawa and severely damage Tachikawa. While Kitora did manage to take out another one, her teammate Tokieda was forced to Bail Out.  Both her and Arashiyama have one useless leg, but luckily they still have their sniper Satori.  Hopefully they still have a... Continue Reading →

E14: No. 1 Attacker, Kei Tachikawa

Read as: Roy and Mustang at it again. I thought Jin was pretty frightening, but hearing that Tachikawa beat him several times made me worry for Kuga’s safety.  But now that he’s getting serious, I don’t know which way this will go.  I mean did you see that instakill?  Thank goodness for bail out.  But... Continue Reading →

E13: Border’s Top Teams

Poor Osamu.  Chika’s got a ridiculous amount of Trion, and Yuma’s got battle experience so it’s easy for him to feel left behind.  But I think what’s special about him is that he really does want to protect people, and he seems like a hard worker.  I’m sure there’s something that only Osamu can do... Continue Reading →

E12: A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma

These pairs seem pretty interesting, especially Kuga and Konami.  I really hope Osamu starts living up to his rank.  He’s the kind of guy I like to root for, and once he hones his skills, I think he’ll make a great leader.  Sort of like Jaune Arc from RWBY.  Anyway, INCREASE THE BESPECTACLED BADASS POPULATION!!!

E11: Each One’s Determination

Can we talk about this creepy person/thing?  This is probably the assassin from the other country with the black trigger.  The black and red reminds me of how Kuga looks when he activates his trigger, but this person seems way different.  Maybe they had an awesome amount of Trion?  I have no idea, but it’ll... Continue Reading →

E10: Tamakoma Branch

I approve. Jin takes Yuma and the others to the Tamakoma base, where they meet a few…interesting characters.  As Osamu points out repeatedly, it’s much different from the base he’s used to.  Everyone seems to have the same laid-back attitude as Jin.   Unfortunately, the friend that Kuga’s dad directed him to passed away and... Continue Reading →

E7: Miwa Squad’s Assault

Chika has a massive amount of Trion which explains why Neighbors are always after her.  Trion soldiers collect humans with high amounts of Trion, and take the Trion glands of humans with low Trion ability.  Then the Neighbors use the captured humans and Trion to fight wars in their world.  It sort of reminds me... Continue Reading →

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